Meeting Our Mission

As a practicing Sikh, I have always believed in the idea of “Daswandh” – a tradition that goes back centuries and encourages one to donate 1/10th of their income to good social causes. This falls under one of the main teachings of Guru Nanak (founder of Sikhism) called Vand Chhako, which means to share what you have and consume it together as a community.

It is henceforth no surprise, that it was absolutely clear to me that if / when, I ever start a business, it would follow the tenets of Vand Chhako and Daswandh in the same capacity that I have always tried to do with my personal income made from other sources like a corporate job. And while I struggled in the beginning to find the “right cause” to support, the clarity started to come as we evolved and the mission for Socially Distant Cakes started taking a life of its own.

If you have read the story of how Socially Distant Cakes came to be, you by now know what our mission is:

“To connect people and help spread love, hope and happiness through our sweet boxes of joy.”

In alignment with this mission, I decided that on a regular basis, we would donate and share our boxes of joy with the larger community of Delhi NCR, specially with those from underprivileged backgrounds who otherwise don’t have the means to afford and enjoy such luxuries in life. This includes kids in orphanages and shelters, homeless families, people in lower working strata such as maids, cooks, drivers and security guards; patients in public hospitals & senior citizens in old age homes.

There was something that told me that our food would be appreciated so much more by this extended community and boy, was I right! Read on all our blogs to learn more about the partnerships we have done with various institutions and NGOs to bring this cause to life and the unforgettable smiles and laughter we have been able to witness as a result.

If you like what you see / read and want to join our cause in any capacity, please do reach out to us at 9810804856.

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